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My name is Paul Leary and I’m owner and full time Technician/Marketer of WCS. a company that helps both business and residential customers with all their computer and internet marketing needs, I look forward to making not only a living in this new and dynamic business industry but to help make a difference in this ever growing field of technology. Here is a little history of how Westford Computer Services came about.


From Hobby to Profession


In late 1999, I sustained an injury that my doctors had predicted would end my 15 year career of Architectural Woodworking, needless to say, I was beside myself. After recovering from the injury, fortunately for me, an opportunity was presented to me to attend Boston University, where I was able to choose from many courses & fields, and as you can probably guess, I choose a computer oriented course, “Desktop Support”. It was a very intensive 2 year course crammed into 4 months. I finished with an A average and even beat a school record of completing the final project in 3 days which normally took 5.

Upon graduating from BU as things would happen…the .com crash happened. Needless to say a job in my new field was not available, which forced me to go back to woodworking. And yes, I did prove the doctors wrong.

Fast forward to 2009 I had suffered another Click HERE to read the rest of this story!

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3 steps Guaranteed to Speed up your Computer
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People think computers will keep them from making mistakes. They're wrong. With computers you make mistakes faster.

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3 steps Guaranteed to Speed up your Windows 8 Computer

3 steps Guaranteed to Speed up your Windows 8 Computer

Posted by Paul Leary on Dec 22, 2015

  These are the 3 steps to speed up your Windows 8.1 computer.   Also see: Windows 7 Also see: Windows 10     follow the directions closely. This is all done from within the Operating System and no tools are needed.   Step 1 we are going to run DiskClean Which will clean   Temporary Internet Files Temporary Files Recycle Bin Thumbnails   Left click on the Magnifying Glass at the top right corner of the screen   Type in the Search Box This PC then hit enter   Right click on Local Disk (C), Left click on Properties   You should be on the General tab if not click on the General tab. Go half way down to the “Disk Cleanup” button and Left click it   The Computer will now calculate what it believes is junk   The Computer will now show this box, put a check mark next to “Temporary Internet Files, Temporary Files, Recycle Bin and Thumbnails” Now click the button “Clean up system files” located at the bottom left   The system is now calculating how much free space it will free up   Now you can see how much it will save in free space on your hard drive. Now Left click on “OK“   Are you sure you want to delete these files? Left click on “Delete Files“   Now this can take anywhere from 1 minute to over an hour depending on the last time the computer was tuned up   Get Free Email Updates!Signup now and receive an email once I publish new content. I will never give away,...

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How To Stop Facebook’s Video’s From Automatically Playing

Posted by Paul Leary on Apr 17, 2014

 Turn off Facebook Video’s      Sign in to your Facebook account. Scroll over to the right and click Settings at the top.        Scroll over to the left and click “Videos” at the bottom.       Move your cursor over to the right and click “Off.”      The videos won’t automatically play on desktop anymore.           ...

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9 Creative Strategies to Use Facebook Timeline Covers

9 Creative Strategies to Use Facebook Timeline Covers

Posted by Paul Leary on Feb 1, 2014

Probably one of the most significant piece of true real estate you’ve got on Facebook is your cover photo. And the fantastic news is you do not require a huge budget to produce an enjoyable, engaging and informative cover that will reflect your personality & your business! All you’ll need is really a little creativity, as well as the ability to believe outside the box! No matter if you are creating your first Facebook timeline cover, or you want to simply pruce up an existing cover, hopefully a few of the tips below will inspire you to come up with your own captivating design and style! Ok, Let’s Get Started     1. Use Polaroids or Snapshots. A relatively classic and well-known design for timelines continues to be classic design, is by incorporating snapshots or Polaroids of distinctive individuals or events. This could be an excellent way to feature various photos that might not usually go with each other. I adore what Kay Int Veen has performed here, by incorporating not simply snapshots, but additionally obtaining an approach to actually seem Within the Facebook platform, literally. A+ for creativity!       2. Incorporate your profile picture into your cover design. A trend that under no circumstances appears to grow old is incorporating your profile photo into your cover design. It is possible to see that inside the example above, the profile picture seems to become just yet another polaroid. I also like what Aly Moffatt did with her cover. Not merely did she incorporate her profile photo with her cover photo (notice she’s INSIDE the dryer), but she...

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