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My name is Paul Leary and I’m owner and full time Technician/Marketer of WCS. a company that helps both business and residential customers with all their computer and internet marketing needs, I look forward to making not only a living in this new and dynamic business industry but to help make a difference in this ever growing field of technology. Here is a little history of how Westford Computer Services came about.

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From Hobby to Profession


In late 1999, I sustained an injury that my doctors had predicted would end my 15 year career of Architectural Woodworking, needless to say, I was beside myself. After recovering from the injury, fortunately for me, an opportunity was presented to me to attend Boston University, where I was able to choose from many courses & fields, and as you can probably guess, I choose a computer oriented course, “Desktop Support”. It was a very intensive 2 year course crammed into 4 months. I finished with an A average and even beat a school record of completing the final project in 3 days which normally took 5.

Upon graduating from BU as things would happen…the .com crash happened. Needless to say a job in my new field was not available, which forced me to go back to woodworking. And yes, I did prove the doctors wrong.

Fast forward to 2009 I had suffered another work related injury, and away from the woodworking career and this time I had lost all hope of ever working in the field of woodworking again. I was completely devastated, little did I know it at the time, but this last incident, would change my life. So with the inevitable career change needed and Computers, which had been my hobby and passion for the last decade it was a no brainer decision for me to pursue my passion and get back into the computer industry. Going back to school was not an option and while I was recovering I bought a ton of books (52 to be exact) ranging from Computer Repair, Networking and Security, read each of them cover to cover, in a time frame of about 10 months. Feeling prepared for the exams I first took on the certifications for CompTIA’S A+, then went on to Network+ and in 2010 took the Security+ and am very proud to say that I aced all three exams.

In 2010, I created and co-founded Westford Computer Services where I have diligently and successfully for the last 3 ½ years repair and troubleshoot computers for residential customers, as well as, consultation work for local business’ which I enjoy and find satisfying. One thing that I have found while working within the business sector and speaking with the owners / managers in regards to the different aspects of running a business successfully today within this ever changing & here to stay world of technology that we now live in, is Presence the need to be seen by the folks that are in the market for what it is there offering whether it be a product or service you have to be noticed amongst the hundred other companies out there!!! This epiphany, if you will, has led me to further my education & knowledge within the fields of Business Marketing, Website Design, SEO Strategies and Social Media Marketing strategies.