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My name is Paul Leary and I’m owner and full time Technician/Marketer of WCS. a company that helps both business and residential customers with all their computer and internet marketing needs, I look forward to making not only a living in this new and dynamic business industry but to help make a difference in this ever growing field of technology. Here is a little history of how Westford Computer Services came about.


From Hobby to Profession


In late 1999, I sustained an injury that my doctors had predicted would end my 15 year career of Architectural Woodworking, needless to say, I was beside myself. After recovering from the injury, fortunately for me, an opportunity was presented to me to attend Boston University, where I was able to choose from many courses & fields, and as you can probably guess, I choose a computer oriented course, “Desktop Support”. It was a very intensive 2 year course crammed into 4 months. I finished with an A average and even beat a school record of completing the final project in 3 days which normally took 5.

Upon graduating from BU as things would happen…the .com crash happened. Needless to say a job in my new field was not available, which forced me to go back to woodworking. And yes, I did prove the doctors wrong.

Fast forward to 2009 I had suffered another Click HERE to read the rest of this story!