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Hard Drive Data Recovery Services

Westford Computer offers cutting-edge solutions for loss of data situations. We certainly have the technical experience to extract your critical data from deleted or lost files, to retrieving corrupted data from damaged media.

Salvaging your information is our goal.

Data Recovery Services - Westford Computer Services

A lot of devices, ranging from laptops to desktops, Macs to PCs, iPods, iPhones, external challenging drives, camera memory cards, also as other storage information might be recoverable with our Data Recovery technics. The overall likelihood of information recovery is determined by the quantity of damage to the hardware and file system.

We’ll work with you to recover all the information that can be retrieved and as promptly as you can. Your privacy and the security of your information are of utmost crucial to us and you can be rest assured that All recovered details will be kept strictly confidential and stored safely.


How would you like your recovered data stored?


For your convenience, we can provide your recovered data on DVDs, CDs, an external hard drive, Web download or transferred to a brand new computer system. We attempt to verify the integrity of every single file we recover and scan them for viruses to make sure the most effective high-quality and safest data recovery attainable.


Hard Drive Failure Symptoms

data recovery services - Westford Computer Services

Please keep in mind that there may some circumstances that it might not be possible to recover some information and generally these instances is when a disk drive failure just occurs unexpectedly, nevertheless, the following symptoms are prevalent indications that your hard drive has indeed failed and is beyond repair. PLEASE NOTE: If your experiencing any of the following symptoms make certain to seek out a specialist to recover information as soon as possible to avoid permanent data loss.


Unusual Hard Drive Clicking or Noises:


Whenever you hear an uncommon grinding or thrashing noise, it is most likely an indication that your disk drive is beyond repair. Such failures are frequently preceded by loud clicking noises. Therefor, it is very important for you, the user, to familiarize yourself with the sounds of a proper working drive to ensure that you will recognize the uncommon noises and will know instantly to turn of the machine when things don’t sound right to prevent further damage. and get in touch with WCS data recovery authorities for assistance.


Disappearing Data and Hard Disk Errors:


When you find that you are unable to save a document, or are unable to locate a file that was on your desk top, or several of your programs stop working (apparently because a program file is missing) you may have a degraded or failing hard drive. It may be that your files were moved by someone else or that you have a virus, but disappearing data is most often a sign that you are going to need to replace your hard drive before too long.


System / BIOS Fails to Recognize Drive:

System  BIOS Fails to Recognize Drive - Westford Computer Services
When a drive is just not recognized by your laptop or computer, this commonly indicates an issue with the driver, not necessarily your personal computer. Nonetheless, the very first step WCS will perform is to test your hard drive with another pc. If this test fails and your drive isn’t being recognized, there is definitely a problem with the drive. It may be a mechanical failure requiring expert & challenging drive recovery to extract the information in the disk.


Really Slow Access Times:


When it is taking your computer system a lengthy time for you to execute easy tasks, opening a folder in Windows Explorer or emptying trash, your computer’s drive is more than likely failing. These symptoms are quite often followed by drive failure (ordinarily within a month or two). In the case of your personal computer accessing files slowly, you may take into consideration having a experienced technician uninstall your operating system and re-installing it.


Computer Crashes:

computer-crash - Westford Computer Services
If your laptop or computer is consistently experiencing a blue-screen or is randomly rebooting, crashing, or otherwise failing to reboot, you may have an issue with your drive. If the crashing takes place at a particular instance when the computer is accessing substantial files (including through the boot sequence), it might indicate an issue with your drive.


What should I do if my hard drive fails?


• If you have any indicators of a physical failure, Do NOT continue to attempt to re-boot the computer or power on the drive. This may only lead to further physical harm and possibly make the drive unrecoverable.

• Don’t install over-the-counter information recovery software program on a drive with deleted or lost files. You may potentially overwrite the information that you are wanting to recover.

• If the information is mission critical, do not try to recover the data your self. Information Recovery is usually a delicate course of action and if completed incorrect can delete all of your valuable information.


We understand that information loss is usually a very serious scenario, and we are here to work with you to seek out the best solution to resolve the issue for you. We pride ourselves on our customer support and are here to help answer any questions or concerns you may have. Simply call us at: 978.328.6494 or fill out the contact form here and someone will contact you shortly.

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