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Computer Tune-Up

Computer Repair Lowell, MA

We service all Makes and Models of Desktop Computers


Windows Vista _ Windows 7 _ Windows 8.1 _ Windows 10


Is your Computer Running Slow? Does it seem to take a long time to boot up? If is is not running like when it was new it is possible you need a Tune-Up.


  • We Perform cleanups and optimization to the Operating system to help improve performance.
  • Full diagnostics and repair of all hardware and software problems on you Desktop Computer
  • Windows Operating System Repair, so you don’t have to reinstall everything.
  • Full Windows Updates are run on all Computers we repair.Windows Operating System Reload, with user data migration. (Windows Vista / 7 / 8 )


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Virus Removal

Virus Removal - Computer Repair Lowell, MA

The number of computer viruses are increasing every year. If your computer is running slower than normal, Popup ads littering your desktop, you probably have some type of Malware or Virus. Installing an anti-virus program after the fact will not fix the problem, because Malware can’t be removed with any anti-virus program.

We use specially developed in-house utilities to remove the infections and get your computer back to normal. We can remove most Malware/Virus without having to perform a clean installation of windows. After we remove the Malware from your computer we then install a anti-malware software to protect your computer from future problems.


Memory Upgrades

Memory Upgrades - Lowell, MA

Upgrading Memory helps you run very intense programs and also allows you to have several internet windows open without a glitch. When it comes to upgrading your system’s RAM (random access memory), installation is easy. Let us upgrade your system with the best possible solution for your computer.


Hard Drive Cloning or Replacement

Hard Drive Replacement - Lowell, MA

Replacing the hard drive in a desktop computer is a straightforward process, finding a compatible replacement drive to match the physical size and internal connection to the computer’s motherboard.


5 Signs and Symptoms of a Failing Hard Drive

  1. Slowing Down Computer, Frequent Freezes, Blue Screen Of Death
  2. Corrupted data
  3. Automatic execution of Chkdsk command on start up
  4. Clicking , Grinding and rattling noises from hard drive
  5. Accumulation Of Bad Sectors


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