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Virus Removal

Laptop Virus Removal - Lowell ma

Laptop Viruses, Malware and Spyware seem to be unavoidable, they can cripple your Laptop, removing these unwanted pests need to be done as quick as possible to prevent valuable Data Loss and possible damage to your Laptop. There are Many Viruses that can infect your Laptop.


Laptop Screen Repair​

Laptop Screen Repair - Lowell, MA

While owning a laptop is certainly more convenient than owning a desktop, their mobile nature make screen cracks a very real possibility. The laptop’s screen is the most fragile part of the device. A screen can crack if a laptop is closed too fast, falls off a table or even stepped on, but most often it happens as a result of poor handling during transportation.


Laptop Tune-Up

Laptop Repair Lowell

Like cars, Laptops need to get a tune up once or twice a year. Your computer will be happy if you take care of it. PC Tune up is a maintenance that should be performed regularly, this helps the computer run faster smoother.
What is a Laptop Tune Up? It is the process of freeing unnecessary used resources, updating Software, Updating Drivers among many other things.


DC Jack Repair

dc-jack-repair - Lowell, MA

There are a few things that can cause the DC jack to break or loosening up over time. One of the most common things to happen is when a laptop is dropped off a desk with the AC Power Adapter still connected. If the Laptop lands on the AC adapter this can push the DC jack into the computer causing it to separate from the motherboard. Yet another is when someone trips over the cord while it is plugged in breaking the DC jack.


​Laptop Hinge Repair​

​Laptop Hinge Repair -Lowell, MA

Is the back corner of your laptop broken? If your Laptop looks like it is coming apart at the hinges, we’re here to help! Broken hinge repair is a common problem with many Laptops and can be caused by physical damage or just normal wear and tear.


​Laptop Keyboard Replacement​

​Laptop Keyboard Replacement​ - Lowell, MA

It works hard, plays hard, and goes everywhere with you. But with all that use, certain laptop parts can wear out. The most visible signs of aging and abuse are most often found on the keyboard, keys may have stopped working after accidentally spilling a few beverages on it, or cosmetic flaws, such as rubbed out letters, may have started to appear.


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​Laptop Repair Lowell, MA

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