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Desktop Computer Repair

Computer Repair Nashua nh

We Service all Windows and Apple Computers


Computers get normal wear and tear just like anything else. Sometimes you are able to repair it yourself. And sometimes you my feel you’re in just a little over your head. Not to worry, Westford Computer can hit the curve balls for you! Whether its a simple video card adjustment or advanced operating system diagnostics… “We have seen it a hundred times” Call us!

Laptop Repair

Laptop Repair Nashua nh

At Westford Computer Services, our qualified technical staff has over 14 years of experience in the computer repair industry. We can diagnose and repair all makes & models of laptop/notebooks. Our specialty is primarily in laptop/notebooks Repairs. Let us know what problems you are having.


Website Design

Web Design - Nashua, NH

Our web-design focuses on building websites that streamline content and efficient navigation. Most content should be at least 1 click away from the home page so your brand message gets across with perfection. The website content needs to be timely, relevant and compelling to keep visitors on your website. We can help you with any phase of this process.


Search Engine Optimization

SEO - Search Engine Optimization - Nashua, NH

Whether your company has a new website or an existing website, the first step towards building an effective SEO strategy is through analysis. Westford Computer Services will provide a thorough analysis of your current website, traffic ranking, keyword performance and your competition. This information will provide us with the information we need to build a successful SEO program customized to meet your marketing objectives.


Small Network Setup and Repairs

Network Setup and Repairs - Nashua, NH

Westford Computer offers Simplified IT Solutions for small and medium sized businesses in the Greater Lowell Area. As a small business owner, it is important to maximize productivity while decreasing cost. At Westford Computer our goal is to provide a customized IT solution that fits your business’ needs, while staying within your budget.


Social Media Management and Training

Social Media Management - Nashua, NH

Social Media Marketing is an engagement with online communities to generate exposure, opportunity and sales. Your main advantage is generating exposure for your business, followed by increasing traffic and building new business partnerships. Common social media marketing tools include Twitter, Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. Our Custom Social Media Packages, help businesses generate publicity through social media and community-based websites. Our Social Media Marketing Packages are used to improve a company’s marketing efforts and encourage people to talk about your business.


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Computer Services Nashua, NH

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