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Computer Tune-Up

Computer Repair Nashua, NH

Computer Repair Nashua
Do you wish your computer was running like when it was new? Westford Computer will find and remove unnecessary software, Optimize start-up and shutdown times, and make sure Windows, Software and Drivers are all updated and running at peak performance.


Virus Removal

Computer Virus Removal - Nashua, NH

We provide you with the best Virus Remove Services, as well as Detection and most importantly Prevention for your computers.

The biggest question we are asked is, when opening e-mails or surfing the web is whether or not the content is loaded with virus’. Viruses can do many things – from stealing your Personal or Business Information to simply slowing down your system to the point of non-functionality, which is why you need us to completely remove all the virus‘ then install the best preventative protection.


Hard Drive Replacement

Hard Drive Replacement - Nashua, NH

If your computer crashes, it can be a Disaster, when your Hard Drive heads South (Not Good). Usually, that means your important data is destroyed unless you backed up, of course. But is your drive really dead? If the data means anything to you — if you need it for your work or for legal purposes — DO NOT TURN IT ON, CALL US IMMEDIATELY! You can ruin any chances of Data Retrieval if started after a crash.


Memory Upgrades

Memory Upgrades - Nashua, NH

One thing that can be frustrating when owning a computer is that, sooner or later, it can’t keep up with the demands of the software you install on it. But there’s is good news: you can help your computer by keeping up with the times and upgrading its random access memory (RAM). And better yet, it’s one of the easier modifications you can do to your pc that Doesn’t Void Your Warranty!


Power Supply Replacement

Power Supply Replacement - Nashua, NH

Power supplies all die at some point, You never know when it’s going to happen, but when it does it is usually at the worst possible time. You press the power button and your PC just …. Nothing. At least Hard Drives give us the courtesy of making that god-awful death-rattle when it’s time is near. But not power supplies, they just stop when they want to. Poof.P


Operating System Install

Operating System Install - Nashua, NH

Our operating system reload service consists of the following:


    Backup data (if necessary)
    Test all hardware (hard drive, memory, etc.)
    Install operating system
    Install device drivers (update BIOS)
    Install latest Microsoft or Apple security updates
    Install basic applications and anti-virus software
    Setup and configure email software
    Copy data back onto system
    Physically clean the computer

When you bring in your Apple Computer or Windows Computer to us to have your operating system re-installed, a technician will complete the list above. We recommend Microsoft Security Essentials and Malwarebytes Pro for effective protection.

If you don’t see a service above call us or send us an email.


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