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Laptop Screen Repair​​

Laptop Repair Nashua, NH

Don’t Panic! Your Laptop Screen Can Be Replaced!


Laptop Screen Repair is one of the most common Laptop repairs we do. Dropping it, closing something inside between the lid and body or just picking it up by the screen can cause the CCFL or LED screen to break. We know how heartbreaking this can be, so the good news is that it’s an easy fix for us.


​Virus Removal

​Virus Removal​ - Nashua, NH

Every year, thousands of computers are faced with this exact situation. From the early 1970s, when the first virus was detected (The Creeper Virus) to today with the most recent outbreak of the FBI MoneyPak Infections, computer viruses have grown in huge numbers.

Every Day, Thousands of new viruses are created and injected all over the web. Where the majority of these viruses may not cause any damage to your Laptop, although a few of them can give you many sleepless nights! And with online criminals raking in Billions of dollars in fraudulent fees – they are only going to get better at their skills.


​Laptop Tune-Up

​Laptop Tune-Up​ - Nashua, NH

Has your Laptop lost performance? We Can Help! We’ll check your Laptop for any hardware problems, check for Malware and Viruses, install all the necessary system updates, remove unnecessary programs, delete temporary & junk files, optimize start-up and shut-down performance and optimize the hard drive performance.


​Laptop Hinge Repair​

​Laptop Hinge Repair - Nashua, NH

Are your Laptop hinges broken or loose? After years of usage the Laptop hinges holding up your lcd screen will eventually wear out, not being able to hold up the screen. Some hinges are made from a fragile aluminum and can break just from a slight drop and even from everyday use.


​DC Jack Repair​

​DC Jack Repair - Nashua, NH

Laptop not charging? Don’t assume that replacing your laptop’s battery is the solution, it could be a problem with the laptop power jack. At Westford Computer we specialize in replacing your laptop dc jack. All laptop DC jack repairs are made using top quality parts.


Laptop Keyboard Repair​

Laptop Keyboard Repair - Nashua, NH

Are you having problems with your laptop keyboard? Are the keys stuck or don’t function? The keyboard is one of the most common malfunctioning items on a laptop. We provide top quality, efficient, yet affordable solutions for repairing Laptop keyboards. We can resolve all problems related to your individual keys or the entire keyboard unit.


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Laptop Repair Nashua

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