Laptop Tune-Up

We give new life to your Laptop


Does windows take to long to load or shutdown?

Computer running sluggish?

Programs not responding and freezing?


If the answer is YES to any of these questions, you probably need a Laptop tune-up.


When your computer is running slow or sluggish, and maybe taking a long time to boot up or to run certain applications, it may be time for a Laptop Tune Up. Spyware, Malware and Viruses can slow down your computer before you even know that you are actually infected. A regular scheduled Laptop Tune Up at least 2 to 3 times per year can prevent serious Virus/Malware attacks and keep your computer running at top performance.

Laptop Tune-Ups can prolong the life of your We fix all Makes and Models of laptops - Westford Computer ServicesLaptop by making sure that your hard-drive is defragmented, your system files are all optimized, and all software are up to date. Keeping the fans and hardware free from dust can prolong the life of your computer considerably.

Regular tune ups can also help prevent serious problems before they happen which in the worst case can cost you over a thousand dollars in data recovery.


What is a Laptop tune-up?

A Laptop tune-up is a preventive maintenance service. Basically, stuff you don’t need is taken out of the computer, and stuff you do need we install. This results in a fast computer that is safe to use on the Internet.

We clean up your computer to remove unwanted icons, tool-bars and programs. Next, outdated programs are a serious security problem – so we upgrade or remove those depending on their safety. We also remove programs that cause conflicts and slow-downs. When we find multiple antivirus programs installed (common) we will uninstall all but one. New, up-to-date versions of those programs are replaced and updated fully. This includes Windows updates and service packs, which are the most important of all.

Laptop Tune-ups by Westford Computer Services

In the end, you have a clean PC to use for your work and enjoyment. Your computer will be completely safe to use on the Internet. You will be provided with a comprehensive report with a discussion about any particular fixes we made to your computer and a narrative about the overall health of your machine. This includes detailed information about how to keep your Laptop up-to-date on an ongoing basis.


We offer 3 levels of service








Test Hard DriveTest Hard DriveTest Hard Drive
Update Operating SystemUpdate Operating SystemUpdate Operating System
Configure Update servicesConfigure Update servicesConfigure Update services
Configure FirewallConfigure FirewallConfigure Firewall
Empty Temporary Internet FilesEmpty Temporary Internet FilesEmpty Temporary Internet Files
Clean System RegistryClean System RegistryClean System Registry
De-fragment Hard DriveDe-fragment Hard DriveDe-fragment Hard Drive
Optimize Boot PerformanceOptimize Boot PerformanceOptimize Boot Performance
Optimize system RestoreOptimize system RestoreOptimize system Restore
Update Antivirus DefinitionsUpdate Antivirus DefinitionsUpdate Antivirus Definitions
Scan For Viruses/Malware/SpywareScan For Viruses/Malware/SpywareScan For Viruses/Malware/Spyware
Update Graphics CardUpdate Graphics Card
Install new Antivirus if neededInstall new Antivirus if needed
Adjust Virtual MemoryAdjust Virtual Memory
Top Free Software Applications InstallTop Free Software Applications Install
Update Service-packsUpdate Service-packs
Clean inside and outside of computerClean inside and outside of computer
Check Hard Drive For ErrorsCheck Hard Drive For Errors
Remove Unnecessary Start Up ItemsRemove Unnecessary Start Up Items
Remove Unnecessary Or No Longer Used ProgramsRemove Unnecessary Or No Longer Used Programs
Update All SoftwareUpdate All Software
Complete Hardware DiagnosticComplete Hardware Diagnostic
Update All driversUpdate All drivers
Optimize Operating SystemOptimize Operating System
Optimize All HardwareOptimize All Hardware
Optimize Windows ServicesOptimize Windows Services
De-fragment RegistryDe-fragment Registry
Memory stress testMemory stress test
Virus/Malware/Spyware Removal Service
FREE 1 Year subscription for Malwarebytes Pro,
installed and configured ($50 Value)
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