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What is the blue screen of death?


BSOD is short for Blue Screen of Death. BSOD is closely tied with Microsoft’s operating systems. Due to a large number of system bugs, a blue screen can appear to freeze basic operations, prevent application’s from working and decrease your system’s functionality.


What actually causes the Blue Screen of Death?


The blue screen of death occurs when windows encounters a strange situation it does not know how to handle, such as a hardware problem or software clash. There are as many specific causes as there are stars in the sky. I have compiled a list of possible reasons and what you could do to troubleshoot.

Newly installed software – Newly installed software could cause the issue. There are certain programs that don’t work well if they are both installed like Norton AntiVirus and McAfee Virus Scan. This can cause your computer to experience a Blue Screen of Death. To resolve this issue one of the programs must be removed. In other words see what you installed or did exactly before this blue screen came up and undo it. If you are able to log in simply remove just installed program through Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. If you are not able to log in try Safe Mode, otherwise try the next step.
blue screen of death - Westford Computer Services
Software errors – Some software or driver installed on your PC can have errors on it. Malfunctions in some way can randomly cause this issue. Again note exactly when it happens to have a idea where to look for the problem.
Hardware problem or errors – It can happen when some of your hardware malfunctions or you removed it during Windows operation or newly installed hardware is not supported by the current Windows OS. Remember exactly what you did with the hardware before it happened and undo or replace it.
Defective Memory Sticks (RAM)– Try to remove the RAM out of the slots and if possible replace them or you can try to swap them around. Be sure to push them firmly into the slot when you replace them otherwise you can burn them (it happened to me few times, some contacts of the memory stick can get literally burned). You can try clean their contacts as well, in many cases it helped!
Startup errors – System files can be corrupted or the hard drive can have errors or bad clusters, use Recovery Console to fix it. If Blue Screen of Death occurs randomly and you can log into windows then schedule Error Checking of your partition which will start at the next reboot, you can find this option in My Computer – Local Disc (C:) – right click – Properties – Tools – click Check Now in Error Checking section and select all options in the pop up window, press ok. Then reboot your PC.
Note: your Hard Drive can be bad or dying you can check HD’s performance.
Removable drives/USB Drives – Sometimes USB connected devices may cause the issue. Make sure that the driver for these devices is properly updated.
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Computer or processor overheating – Your computer can overheat if it does not have the proper ventilation. Make sure the hardware and heat sinks are not cluttered with dust, use vacuum and brush to clean up the inside. Double check that there is a good air flow through the processor’s heat sink. Check the processor temperature under Hardware Monitor or PC’s Health Status sections in the BIOS. It can be that the temperature is still high (above 55-60 Celsius in idle state) after cleaning the pc so you may need to take off the processor heat sink and reapply the new thermal paste. If then the temperature is still high you will need to update the BIOS. Google for your exact motherboard and see the manufacturer instructions for updating the BIOS.
Defective hard drive or unrecoverable errors – In the case there are some unrecoverable errors your last resort is to do repair installation of Windows or reinstall the Windows. Sometimes the hard drive is just corrupted. No matter what you do even reinstalling the Windows, the Blue Screen of Death still comes up. In this case you need to buy a new hard drive and reinstall the Windows. Having a backup is the best way to make sure you don’t have to go through the long process of setting everything back up again.


These are the common reasons for this screen to appear. The Blue Screen of Death is one of those things, where because of its name, it sounds worse than it really is. Restarting the computer can usually go away because sometimes the issue is caused by temp files or programs that are hung up.


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