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For most small business, the Cost of Website Design was considerably of the reach until we popped on the scene. Many business’s had their family members or friends build their sites and wondered why they got no traffic and if they did get traffic wondered why they got no calls. It was thought as an online brochure where you would send potential clients but when it came to potential clients finding your site through a search it never happened. We definitely understand, it is hard to do yourself.  
Today they call it the “web 2.0”. The web has changed dramatically primarily due to the discovery of social media which can massive connect websites. Social media has been a game changer for driving loads of traffic to your site. Gone are the days of the simple web 1.0. Ok here we go, one step at a time we are going to give some tips to use in your business’s online strategy.

Website Design $ Keywords

Keywords are the main focus when concentrating on your online marketing, whether it be anOnline Marketing services in Westford MA e-commerce or a local website keywords will make or break your efforts. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo are the big dogs that you need pay the most attention to because when your website is optimized the right way you can expect traffic. These three engines operate via keywords that a user types into the search field which in turn sends qualified traffic to you website.
So your probably wondering ‟what is a keyword” We all use them and most don’t even know they are. When you type into a search engines box, low and behold those are keywords. They’re words we all use to locate what we are looking for. The search engines like Google send out their crawlers which are called ‟Bots”, to your site and by looking at many factors the most important one being keywords. They use this data that they retrieve to try and figure out what your site is all about.

Are you customers finding you?

Being found when searched for all starts with keywords, so getting this step right is paramount to the success of your website. When we build a site for you we have several software’s just for finding the right keywords.
There are 3 categories that keywords must fall into.Traffic generation with SEO
1. They should have a decent amount of search volume.
2. low competition with (less than 50,000 other webpages using the keyword)
3. Buyer intent type keywords, (we don’t want tire kickers do we?)
With the right keywords google will send potential clients to your website.
Our next step is to analyze the competition, who is in the top 10 positions from google search for the keywords you want to use. With the data gathered from the statistics of your analyzing you can predict your daily traffic one could expect from ranking those keywords. This technique is called an “off-page SEO campaign”. A Google friendly website is only half the battle in your internet endeavor.
It can possibly take 3, 6, 9, 12 months and beyond all depending on the keyword targeted to “organically” get to the first page of the search engines. Yes we can also show you some methods for achieving this by yourself saving a ton of money. A website without traffic would be like a boat without water, selling would be difficult as getting a new client from online marketing would also be hard to do.
Understanding how traffic is achieved by using the new web 2.0 is something we can help our clients with. Like a brick and mortar if you don’t have traffic you don’t have customers and you won’t have sales.

Ranking Matters

When you have the keywords that are right for you use them in your websites, blog, and all your web 2.0’s like Facebook and Twitter. Also remember to link all your web properties back to your website. This will help your organic Google rankings when you perform this one of many back linking strategies.
Website Design with SEO
There is a study that was done recently stating that:
The website in the 1st position gets 42% of all the clicks!
The 2nd gets 11.9%,
3rd 8.5% and down to number 10th at 2.99 %.
So if you have found a keyword with a search volume of 100 and your organic position was #1 you could potentially expect 42 visits to your website. So it is really important to choose your keywords carefully as it can really make a difference from struggling to keep the lights on to dream vacations becoming reality.

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